Tips on Writing a Mental Health Essay

A mental health essay is just like any other college nursing assignment. It can be from a medical journal, business presentation, or health conference. You may be wondering about the need to write an essay in any medical field. Well, essay writing serves different functions. It helps students strengthen their research abilities, use of words and improve their vocabulary. Thus, as a nursing student, you need to understand the art of excellently writing all types of essays, including mental health essays.

Our experts have come up with a few tips on how to write a winning mental health essay. Follow these rules, and you will never go wrong.

Understand the question.

Before you write anything down on your mental health paper, ensure you understand the question. You can begin by identifying terms and themes that lead to what is required of you. For instance, if your paper requires you to compare two theories, you can begin by highlighting their similarities and differences.

Collect relevant information

To fully understand the subject matter, you must source the appropriate information. Ensure that you use legit sources such as books, journals, and certified websites such as World Health Organization. Remember that a mental health essay is a medical paper, so you need to correct your facts.

Prepare your first draft.

Now that you are done with your research, it is time to develop a draft of how your complete essay will look like. Your mental health essay draft should have all the significant points. The temporary writing helps you to understand your strong points and what requires redrafting during your final writing.

Mental Health Essay

Writing the Clean Draft

With the rough draft, you already know how you want your essay to be. Now it is time to organize your work. Add fresh to the points that may require additional explanation or examples. Ensure that your mental health essay follows the following three parts of an essay.

  1. The introduction

It is the section of your essay that lures your professor to your mental health essay. Thus, it must be exciting and captivating. The introduction paragraph should have a hook, provide the background and context of your essay, and lastly must have a thesis statement.  Simply put, the introduction introduces your topic.

  1. The body

It is the section of the essay that earns you the most points. However, it must be well done and organized. All the points made in the body section must connect back to your thesis statement. Additionally, back up all your arguments with appropriate evidence. Most importantly, ensure that your mental health essay is adequately cited and referenced. Show your teacher that you understand your course and that you did not just copy-paste your information.

  1. The conclusion

It is where you rap up your mental health essay. You can begin the conclusion by restating your thesis statement, and a summary of the significant points of your essay follows.

We can’t forget to mention that the mental health essay contains precise medical terms. However, as a writer, you should put them so that anyone who reads the essay will be able to understand it. The essay should be transparent. But, if you feel that you are not up to the task, you can always seek assistance at They are experts when it comes to nursing assignment writing. We guarantee that we can never let you down.


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