Please help me to write 3 pages essay. Essay topic: We started the semester by examining Descartes’ establishing of the centrality of the self, the ‘I think’ (or cogito). We have then looked at Leibniz’s formulation of the notion of an individual substance as singularity. With Spinoza and Nietzsche, we have seen the calling into question of the independent and sovereign individual, and thus in various ways a deconstruction of the self.  What do you make now of Kierkegaard’s problematization of the self, singularity, individuality, and existence? Do you agree with his emphasis on the concept of synthesis? What do you think of the concept of dignity of individuation as developed by me in Earthly Plenitudes? What is the effect of sovereignty and productivity on the self and singularity? Apply some of your insights to our societies and societal issues today at the local and/or global level.

Introduction to Kierkegaard and Existentialism: Anxiety and Despair.

• Reading: The Sickness unto Death, pp. 9-27(Highlighted part)

Finitude/Infinitude; Possibility/Necessity

• Reading: The Sickness unto Death, pp.28-85(highlighted part)

Singularity or the Dignity of Individuation

• Reading: Earthly Plenitudes, Introduction and Chapter One(highlighted part)

The politics of number: singularities

• Reading: Earthly Plenitudes, Chapter Five and Conclusion(highlighted part)

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