Nursing School Entrance Essay     

There is no doubt that there is a high demand for professional nurses throughout the globe. But this does not mean that it is easy to pass a nursing program admission.  Nursing schools are looking for exceptional students who have made it their life mission to become nurses and contribute to the nursing community and healthcare.  Nursing entrance essay is your opportunity to showcase your capability and commitment to become a nurse.

Therefore, before you begin to write your nursing entrance essay, ask yourself, ‘Why do I want to become a nurse?’  If you can’t comfortably answer this question, you might need to reconsider your career choices. Being a nurse is a lot. It is stressful, requires dedication and stable mental health, and above all, a strong philosophy. Enrolling in a nursing program requires you to have stability in all aspects of your life to make wise decisions.

If you are sure of your intentions to become a nurse and have clear career goals, then we are here to help you. The following are to guide your nursing school entrance easy writing.

Nursing Entrance Essay

Know Where To Begin Writing Your Nursing Entrance Essay.

A good thought is always to find as many samples as possible first. The problem is that most students never go the extra mile to be creative. Most of the entrance essays have the same old boring stories.  Additionally, these stories tend to come from similar articles. It isn’t what the admission board is looking for at all. Repeating similar stories is a critical mistake that will cost you a lot of points. Thus, try as much as you can to avoid this mistake. Going through several nursing entrance samples allows you to understand mistakes to avoid in your essay.

Base your nursing entrance essay on a true story.

Writing about an occurrence in your life makes your essay easy to write. It enhances an excellent flow of ideas. Thus, think about an experience from your clinical placement to base your essay on. Give details of what happened, the involved parties, and why the experience impressed you.

This approach demonstrates a complete understanding of the experience. It shows the admission board that you comprehend happenings around you and makes sensible decisions even in critical circumstances. Mind you that making decisions in a set of dire situations is a skill that every nurse should have.

Evaluate the events of your experience.

At this stage of your nursing entrance essay, you require to evaluate your experience by explaining;

What was valuable in your experience?

How did the experience contribute to your personal and professional development? Always keep in mind that self-development is one of the significant aspects of a nursing professional. Thus, it would be best if you captured it in your nursing school entrance essay.

Choose the proper focus.

Most students focus on the story of their nursing career progress. It is one of the strategies that you can follow when writing your nursing school entrance essay. However, put the focus on you and not other nurses or patients. It is an essay about you, so ensure that the focus doesn’t slip from your personal experiences. Tell the reader about the lessons from experience and how they motivated you to become a nurse.


A nursing entrance essay is all about you. Thus, a little fantasy is more than welcome. Tell the admission board what you would have done differently and what other activities you would have taken if placed in a similar situation again.

We hope this guide helps you with your nursing school entrance essay.  Remember to ask for assistance whenever stuck, and our experts are among the people you can turn to. Please go through our services to see different ways in which we can help you.







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