Nursing Reflective Essay: A Guide for Nursing Students

What Is A Nursing Reflective Essay?

Nursing reflective essays are based on personal experiences, views on something, and feelings among others. These kinds of assignments are meant to help nursing students practice their writing skills while expanding their knowledge. If you are here it means that you are wondering where to begin writing your nursing reflective essay. Well, you are at the right place. This article provides you with insightful tips that will assist you to create an outstanding assignment.  And don’t forget to reach out to our support team in case you are having trouble writing you nursing reflective essay.

Nursing reflective essays

Elements of a Nursing Reflective Essay

A nursing reflective essay consists of the following elements:


The introduction explains the purpose of the nursing reflective paper. It simply tells the reader what to expect from the paper. It contains the thesis statement.  In most cases, the thesis statement is in the last sentences of the introduction.  Ensure that your thesis is clear and reflects your position.

Situation Description

Remember, that a nursing reflective essay is based on previous experiences. Thus, describing those happenings is the core of the paper. Ensure that this section only covers the most important and valuable facts.

Personal Feeling

Sharing your personal feeling in your nursing reflective paper might be rewarding than you think. Therefore, this section demonstrates your reaction to situations.  Also, explain how you controlled your emotions during those circumstances.

Experience Evaluation

Here you will describe the skills and knowledge gained from gained from the experience. Simply summarize what was good or bad in the said experience.


It closely relates to evaluation segment.   However, while you give a summary in the evaluation stage you describe what the experience made you understand.  That is, what sense you made of the situation. Be sure to include external issue.  Elaborating on your self-development path in the future will definitely buy you more points.


This is the easy part. You only need to summarize all the information you discussed in your nursing reflective paper. However, never repeat the introduction paragraph as your conclusion. Instead, go through your essay pick the main points and summarize them.

The above is all you need to know about a nursing reflective.  Are you still uncertain whether you can come up with a quality a nursing reflective essay? Well, don’t stress out. got your back. We understand that this task can be tough and challenging especially if you don’t have much time or writing experience.  Our professionals are more than happy to help you out.  They will gladly write a custom nursing reflective essays just for you!

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