I NEED Lab 2 And Lab 3

Lab 1: Observing Bacteria and Blood
Lab 2: Bacterial Morphology
Lab 3: Aseptic Technique and Culturing Microbes
Lab 4: Isolation of Individual Colonies
Lab 5: Differential Staining
Lab 6: Methyl Red Voges-Proskauer Test
Lab 7: Antibiotic Sensitivity

(1) Remember to answer all of the questions
(2) Write up your lab report using the simple example
(3) Include pictures of you actually doing the experiment. You can use a smart phone to shoot a photo right through the eye piece on the microscope, of the culture, the bacteria on a plate, any color changes or even your set up and homemade incubator.
(4) Include one or two references which can be found by “Googling” on the Internet.

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