Herpes Gestationis

Source: American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association, Inc. (2014). List of Diseases. Retrieved fromhttp://www.aarda.org/autoimmune-information/list-of-diseases/.

Use the resource provided above to find a disease that interests you, in this case the disease is Herpes Gestationis. Once you have selected one autoimmune disease, research it in further detail and include the following:

  • Define the disease.
  • Describe all relevant symptoms.
  • List all known causes of the disorder; include any environmental factors that may be involved; list and medications and/or genetics that may cause the disease.
  • Identify any known risk factors; include any age groups, race, genders that are affected more than others.
  • Describe any known prevention methods.
  • List treatments used for the disease; include FDA approved and alternative medicinal therapies.
  • Describe any relevant research that discusses new treatment options and/or cures for the disease noted within the past 2 years.



   1. Define four varieties of grafts: autografts, isografts, allografts, and xenografts.

2.    Describe how and why both types of adaptive immunity can cause problems with organ transplantation.

3.    Discuss how the body works to recognize your own cells and to differentiate them from foreign body cells.

4.    Describe steps taken to lessen graft rejections.

5.    Research “skin cell gun.” Explain what this experimental device can do. Describe how this may change how we treat second and third-degree burns.

6.    List any other experimental stem cell techniques currently being used in organ transplantation.

7.    What is your personal opinion on individuals using their own stem cells to speed healing and recovery times after an injury?

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