For Prof Miley Social Science 2 discussions


Web Site

Post the Web site URL you found in this unit’s Primary Resources study activity and explain why these primary data documents might be helpful for those studying the history of social welfare, linking the past to the present. For example, you may link primary resources associated with the New Deal reforms in the 1930s to welfare reforms of today. Be sure to format your citation in proper APA format in your posting.



Primary Resources

Explore the Web for additional primary data documents about social welfare policy. The older the documents, the better, if they provide context for our understanding, illustrating personal views of the day or adding a sense of the people involved in the policy structure. This moves our own understanding from a dry survey of policy change to one with a human face. Be sure to record the URL where you access additional primary data documents about social welfare. You will need the URL for this unit’s discussion.

In addition to your Web site search for primary data documents, examine the following Web sites for a fuller explanation of what is meant by primary resources, how they are important to our understanding of history, and how they can be used to our advantage in this course and others:



2nd Discussion

Core Ideology and Policy


Based on your experience or observation, share an example of how ideology affects social policy.


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