CJ 2241 Survey of Crimanl Law Assignment must have answer below plus (4) 50 word responses for me to post later

Need two PEER reveiwed cites plus my amendment is number 9


Compare the Gideon and Miranda cases. What are their key holdings? What are their significance to law enforcement, corrections, and the courts?(Note: the Supreme Court recently modified the Miranda warnings. What are they?)

Who was Clarence Earl Gideon? What made “his case” important to the U.S. Supreme Court?

What is the concept of federalism? How does this apply to these cases? Were these cases examples of judicial activism? What is judicial activism?

Each student is to take ONEof the constitutional amendments and post it in YOUR discussion response. Start with the first 10 and move on from there as for as amendments. Give your idea what the amendment means. Each student should post a different amendment….first come, first to post your amendment… If you run out of amendments, then start with the first 3 articles of the constitution. 
You will not receive credit for the board if this is not done.

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