BIO – Chapter 9 Calculating Ecological Footprints

Calculating Ecological Footprints- Chapter 9




Population (millions) Total paper consumed

(millions of metric tons)

Per capita paper consumed


Africa 999 6 13
Asia 4,117 159
Europe 738 99
Latin America 580 27
North America 341 77
Oceania 36 4
World 6,810 127






1. How much paper would North Americans save each year if we consumed paper at the rate of Europeans?


2. How much paper would be consumed if everyone in the world used as much paper as the average European? As the average North American?


3. Why do you think people in other regions consume less paper, per capita, than North Americans? Name three things you could do to reduce your paper consumption.


4. Describe three ways in which consuming FSC-certified paper rather than conventional paper can reduce the environmental impacts of paper consumption


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