Anthropology Analysis Assignment

Click on the assignment link above to access the Analysis Assignment.  Write your essay response and save your work as a Word doc or docx, or in .odt, .rft or as a .pdf


1) What is Larmarckian inheritance? Explain why this mode of inheritance does not work, using an original example (one of your own, not from the article).

2) What is Darwin’s explanation of inheritance by Natural Selection? Refer to your textbook and/or the Chapter 2 power point presentation to help you synthesize this information. Tell me YOUR understanding of this information. DO NOT copy from the article, the textbook or the power points.

3) What is a “sex-linked” trait? Is inheritance of a specific number of pairs of human ribs a sex-linked trait? Does understanding this scientific observation of inheritance contradict Creationist accounts of the first human parents? How or why not?

4) Briefly discuss the difference between scientific fact and faith-based belief in terms of observations and testable evidence. Are these two approaches mutually incompatible (must we choose one or the other, not both) or can they work together to understand the web of life on our planet?

5) Finish your essay with a brief conclusion about what you learned from this analysis.

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