8. In class, we placed a potato in both salt water and fresh water. Describe what happened to…

8. In class, we placed a potato in both salt water and fresh water. Describe what happened to the potato during the process of osmosis. (2 points) 9. List the inputs and outputs of cellular respiration and photosynthesis: (10 points) Cellular Respiration: Inputs: __________ and ___________ Outputs: ___________, ____________, and _____________ Photosynthesis: Inputs: ______________, ________________, and _______________ Outputs: ______________ and ____________ 10. Where is the cytoplasm located in a plant and animal cell? (1 point) _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 11. How do prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells differ? List one organism that would have prokaryotic cells and one that would have eukaryotic cells. (3 points) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Organism with prokaryotic cells: __________________________________________________________ Organism with eukaryotic cells: ____________________________________________________________ 12. Do you agree with the statement, “Only plants go through cellular respiration.” Why or why not? (1 point) _______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________ Read the following experiment and then answer the questions below: John wanted to see if the amount of salt water added to the soil affected the growth of the pea plants. He set up 4 pea plants each containing the same amount of potting soil in the same type of pot and placed them all in front of a large window. The 1st pot received no salt water, the 2nd pot received 10 mL of salter water, the 3rd pot received 20 mL of salt water, and the 4th pot got 30 mL of salt water. John measured the growth of each plant in centimeters every 2 days for the entire month of September. At the end of the month, John found the following averages of growth: 1st pot-16 cm, 2nd pot-13 cm, 3rd pot-9 cm, and the 4th pot-4 cm. What is the independent variable? (1 point) ______________________________________________ What is the dependent variable? (1 point) ________________________________________________ Give a testable question for the experiment. (1 point) __________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Write a hypothesis for John’s experiment: (1 point) _____________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________ List 3 constants (3 points): ___________________, ______________________, and _________________ What is the control? (1 point) ______________________________________________________________ Create a conclusion on John’s experiment using the CER format: (3 points) C: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ E: ______________________________________________________________________________________________ R: ______________________________________________________________________________________________

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